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Friday, October 20, 2006

Software to diagnose Diabetes

US-based healthcare firm Medtronic Inc. plans to launch in India, a software for doctors to monitor, track and diagnose diabetes.
Talking to Newspersons in Chennai, Adrian Gut, Business Manager of Diabetes Business of Medtronic said that the software was being developed at Los Angeles, the North American headquarters of the company.
“The software is targeted at doctors, who would be able to analyze the patients blood-sugar level and find the average fluctuations using our pumps, which works on radio-telemetry system,” he said, adding that the software would also suggest how much insulin has to be given at and at what time to the patient.
Adrian said that the software called Carelink, is web-based and a patient can download the information from the device which is a Continuous Glucose Monitaring System (CGMS), to a computer and transmit the data online to their concerned doctor.
“The software would then assimilate the input data and present it a graphical form to the doctor along with the suggestions thus enabling him to monitor and diagnose efficiently,” he added.


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